Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick Update!

To those who care what's going on in my life:

- Yoga class. It is going SPECTACULARLY. I absolutely love teaching, which is a good thing because it's what I'm going to school to be. I am sore everyday, but it's ok. I workout for others now, and not for myself. I seem to have regulars so that's a good sign. And I've lost 6 pounds -- did't plan on that one.

-School. School is good, but I need to put more time into it. There have been too many instances where I quickly whip up an asssignment and turn it in. I need to spend more quality time with my anatomy book. We aren't friends quite yet. I love my baking class! Tomorrow we're making bagels, mmm. (Note to self: pick up some strawberry cream cheese)

-Derek. Derek and I are having a good semester, but it kind of stinks becuase we don't have any classes together like last semester, and we're not in the same ward anymore. But I still see him for hours everyday. We make it work. He is one of my most faithful yoga participants. He's so supportive. He even bought a black yoga mat yesterday. It is very masculine! :)

-Family. I miss my parents. I know that they are taking good are of eachother though. I pray for them every day. It's still so great having my siblings here in Rexburg with me. I love spending time with Rob and Jos, mostly randomnly, and me and my niece Evelyn have become besties! We hangout, it's cool :) Miranda and I took a spontaneous trip to Idaho Falls yesterday and had a wonderful time shopping. Jackie is coming to my class tonight and bringing a friend. She said to go easy on her...I promise nothing.

-Faith. I 'm grateful for the Lord, because I have already felt His help and strength in my life and all my many activities (yoga teaching, schoolwork, personal, etc.) I'm taking a great New Testament class and enjoying reading about the Savior's ministry. I need to remember that this is not only a University but Discipleship training program, if you will. I know I'm better because I live here in Rexburg, surrounded by so many good examples.

Ok, that's it for now. Gotta go play a quick game of ping pong with Derek. :)