Monday, May 2, 2011

Part 3

The Honeymoon!

I am truly ashamed of myself at how long it has taken me to post. I have no good excuses. Perhaps laziness, busyness or maybe indifference. My life has not ended after marriage, although I am sure it appears that way by my dramatic halt in blog posts. It is quite the contrary though. After marriage, I kind of feel my life has finally begun. Derek and I are often saying how much we love our lives and that it is the happiest we both have ever been. And I know it's the kind of happiness that only comes through making sacred covenants in the House of the Lord to your sweetheart. We feel so blessed!

Anyway, so here it is...the Honeymoon pictures! Was it real? It seemed too good to be real. But here's the proof!

When we were dating, Derek and I wrote each other "promise" notes about respecting each other and our bodies and promising to be good and chaste when together. We kept these "signed documents" in our wallets. Well, morning after the wedding night...we decided to rip them up!!

It was SO fun!!

Our first couple days of our honeymoon were spent in downtown Portland. Neither of us had spent much time in that amazing City, so it was great to see what it had to offer.Saturday Market, Voodoo Doughnuts, The Melting Pot Restaurant.

We flew to Florida for our Disney cruise through the Bahamas. This is a view from our room of the Hyatt. We loved watching the busy people in the airport.

Our first glimpse of the boat. We were so excited!

We went on a tour of a Butterfly farm in Key West. I really wanted to do it. Derek was a good sport :)

Check the sign. Neat, huh?
We took a napkin folding class

We participated in a roller derby. We were given wheels, a potato and a carrot. Look what we made!! We didn't win the race but we won buttons for the best name - the Mechanickeys (Mickey/Mechanics)

Towel art -- we still have no idea what that is

Escargot, anyone?
No booze for us, just chocolate milk :)
Oo sexy!

Unlimited soft serve, 24/7! One of our favorite places.

And they lived happily... where to next? Derek, if you're reading this, how about Fiji 2020?!